For more than three decades my long story as a photographer is told through my photographs, as extension of my love for the arts, that was there since youth and still is here today.

My very first professional experience started in early 80's as a photo journalist in Munich taking snapshots of sports, culture and politics for local newspaper. After graduating from Technical College in Zagreb, follows my involvement in tourism and employment with modelling agencies, runway shows, magazines and all kinds of private occasions in international and multicultural area.

By moving to Austria I discovered my new muse - Wachau. Beautiful, one of a kind valley near the river Dunav, where I begin to take my fist photographs of valley’s natural beauty as well as activities especially wedding ceremonies which are becoming my main work focus. For me, no wedding is alike; they are all unique on their own way and special, marked by their cultural, traditional and personal markings. My first photograph starts when I meet with the bride and the groom, and their personality memorized in my subconscious. Everyone is beautiful in their own special way and it is my job to incorporate that beauty in the story told by photographs that will, as memory of one of their most important days of their lives, stay for generations to come and eternity. Ground base for my style is defined from the time of photo journalism, which means I am omnipresent yet unobtrusive, ghost like, keeping my emotions out of the way, yet aware not to miss an important moment, just like mosaic piece that might seem small; yet essential. Similar to “akta” here is also needed unquestionable trust and comfort, therefore I always try to do the photo shoot where I put my rich experience at disposal to avoid stress and create relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for more spontaneous and natural looking photographs.

As my photography style is an expression of my personality I would like to add that I am all-around, comprehensive person, big advocate of sport’s lifestyle and peaceful coexistence of all humanity, love nature, fishing, hunting. Music and melody are my window to whole another world.

I was “borrowed” from my favorite sea and life near it, by my better half and assistant.

As we always like to come back to it, so is our special “TTD” in the turquoise-blue sea became our unique offer in our services. When we receive a thank you card from our happy couples for hiring us, we know they recognized experience and professionalism, and considered us trustworthy friends. With that our mission is fulfilled.

Bankverbindung: BAWAG PSK , IBAN : AT71 1400 0167 1001 8360  BIC:BAWAATWW


Gloria Lukačić - visagist, office, assistant

Tanja Lukačić - assistant, office


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